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For "GoldenGate 19c Microservices" Workshop does the Oracle 19c RDBMS gets installed when using Terr

workshop name: GoldenGate 19c Microservices

lab name: Lab 4 Initialize Environment

Configure Database and GoldenGate Users

STEP 1: Start the Oracle Database 19c (19.1) and Listener

Start the container database, all PDB's and the listener

cd ~/Desktop/Scripts/HOL/Lab1  
sh ./

[[email protected] Lab1]$ sh ./

./ line 3: ./lsnrctl: No such file or directory

./ line 4: ./sqlplus: No such file or directory

./ line 10: ./lsnrctl: No such file or directory

Question: Does Oracle 19c database gets installed by running the terraform scripts?

As I don't see the RDBMS installed