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Error: failed to add acl's for specified user. Oracle Database 19c installation

User_YGRB4 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

I'm trying to install Oracle Database 19c in Windows 10 pro. I have copied the installation file to C:/db_home. I ran setup as administrator and followed all the steps including creating a New Windows User. Then at 7% I get this error: 'failed to add acl's for specified user'. I've been searching all over the internet and haven't found a solution. My PC configuration is in English.

How can I solve this?



  • user8601919
    user8601919 Member Posts: 5 Blue Ribbon

    Turn OFF your Firewall on your Windows 10 Pro machine for the duration of the install. You will likely need to run deintall.bat first, to deinstall the failed attempt. Then re-run the Oracle installer after you've disabled your Firewall. You can re-enable the firewall AFTER you've successfully installed Oracle.

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