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Lowercase DBA object names and SELECT BEGIN etc

Is any option or oportunity to lowercase autocomplite dba objects and keyword?

I know that in snippets you can define you own structure and shortcuts but looks like you can not modify DBA objects names or builded in begin end section etc.

If not is any chance to develop this kind of option?


  • Christian.Shay -Oracle
    Christian.Shay -Oracle Posts: 2,278 Employee
    edited Apr 21, 2021 3:56PM

    Hi, welcome to the forums, and thanks for taking the time to give your feedback!

    In fact, a setting to enable autocomplete/intellisense in lower case is slated for our next release!

    You are the first person to ask for case changing for code snippets. If you like a code snippet but want the case changed, you could modify the snippet to use the case you like, then select it and choose to Save Bookmark. Then use your bookmark for the snippet if you plan to use it repeatedly.


  • User_FCTQM
    User_FCTQM Member Posts: 7 Red Ribbon

    This is really good news! Lowercase for keywords and dba object will be nice !!

    Yes, I have defined many and changed existed for my own snippets in "snippets/oracle-sql.json" file. I like it!

    Problem is that i can not lowercase dba objects names or sql key words like SELECT BEGIN END BETWEEN etc.

    Also would be very nice to have option to disable some SQL keywords or dba objects (i.e. hint only tables, columns) from autocomplete/intellisense. (What I mean with keywords is i have got my own snippet for "begin" and i would like to disable default keywords BEGIN).

    Anyway, you are doing very good jobs and like this extension - i get know about forum from UKOUG yesterday ;)

    I could have a bit more suggestions or "improvements" but i do not want to be too much grumpy and demanding ;))

    I am waiting for next release - hope will be soon !

    Thank you so much for this

  • Hi, lowercase autocomplete has been added to version 21.3.0. Go to the settings and change Intellisense › Suggestions: Keyword Casing and Intellisense › Suggestions: Object Name Casing to lowercase.