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How to fix popup lov default value overlapping with title issue?

Kinjan Bhavsar
Kinjan Bhavsar Member Posts: 78 Blue Ribbon

Hi All,

I have configured a popup lov in APEX 20.2 with the following configuration in List of Values and Default Value, but it is overlapping on the title. Can someone suggest how to resolve it? I tried to replicate on in 21.1 and it's still the same

List of Values

Default Value


Also, in APEX 20.2 when I have a popup lov item in the Modal dialog page and when I use popup lov and click outside the modal dialog, the popup lov search dialog remains open.

There is also another issue when I select another option from selection in popup lov, I get this border being added in UI.

Please can someone help me to resolve these issues?




  • Carsten Czarski-Oracle
    Carsten Czarski-Oracle Member Posts: 1,258 Employee


    the first issue (overlapping on the title) is a known issue and track as bug 32872623, which we strive to fix as soon as possible.

    For the other ones, I'll leave it up to @Tim Kimberl-Oracle to comment on.

    Best regards


    Kinjan Bhavsar
  • Tim Kimberl-Oracle
    Tim Kimberl-Oracle Member Posts: 29 Employee

    Sorry for the delay at the response did not see this (thanks for the shoutout on twitter).

    I can confirm the popup lov but not floating the label correctly when a default value is set. We're looking into getting this fixed in a future release.

    In terms of the dotted outline, that looks as if you're using the Redwood Light (20.2 version) which applies the "green dotted" focus outline on items. You can disable this with some css.

    .apex-item-group--popup-lov:focus-within .apex-item-popup-lov { outline: none !imporant; }

    Hope that helps,


    Kinjan Bhavsar