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Apex 20.1-20.2 - Autocomplete issue - need solution

Leon_M Member Posts: 161 Blue Ribbon
edited Jun 11, 2021 7:40PM in APEX Discussions

Text with Autocomplete in Interactive grid does not work as expected.

When changing value line by line, at some point, the mouse (or Enter key) would not select the value from dropdown.

To reproduce: Enter some value on one row, then same value on next row of the same column. On second or third occasion, autocomplete will "stuck" and you won't be able to select same value neither by mouse nor by "Enter" key.


user: guest

pass: password

P2 - Customers - State Autocompl column

Video recording of the issue (Passcode: 9!=8ciE4) :

Our users have to change dozens of rows with the same value when working on a project.

We need solution for this bug please?