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Sending Email using Gmail - Stopped working

rmatt Member Posts: 24 Blue Ribbon


I'm running Apex - 20.1

A couple of weeks ago around the 12th of August, my Apex instance stopped sending emails. The error is ORA-29024: Certificate validation failure. The certificate says it is valid until December but maybe Google changed something. I have tried over 30 certificates at this point and continue to get the same error. Am I missing something?

Around this same time, my organization renewed its Google Workspace contract which did change versions. Given the time frame, I'm thinking Google changed something, I have a ticket in with them but they are playing the finger-pointing game. I thought I would ask and at least see if I'm missing something.

My ACLs have not changed. The email account its self hasn't changed and I do have the "less secure apps" enabled. I have tried with and without an SMTP relay.