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Reports pdf output in unicode

User_VRWS6 Member Posts: 7 Red Ribbon


I am upgrading from Reports 10g to Reports 12c (Windows server) and want reports in unicode. Our old 10g report server was ESTONIAN_ESTONIA.BLT8MSWIN1257 and reports are ArialMT font . So I set new one ESTONIAN_ESTONIA.UTF8 in rwserver.conf file.

I read that UTF8 can be done using PDF subsetting in uifont.ali file. So I added entry *="arialunims.ttf" in the PDF:Subset section and commented out all other references above. Also copied arialunims.ttf to REPORTS_PATH. Restarted reports server, new charset is displayed in "showenv" page.

But all special characters are broken in generated PDF, in hardcoded static text and ones that come from DB. When I check the PDF file it says Encoding:ANSI under Fonts, nothing about UTF8.

What can be a problem? Did I understand correctly that it is possible in Reports 12c without changing the actual reports?