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Help with Rest Put, Post and Delete

HawkerHunter Member Posts: 498 Bronze Badge

Hello Friends,

I am trying out CRUD operations with ORDS in APEX.

I have successfully created GET, PUT, POST and DELETE end points and tested them by using Postman. Also, I could successfully use the GET end point to fetch data in my Oracle APEX page.

But I am trying to find some example of inserting, updating and deleting some data from APEX page by using REST PUT, POST and Delete endpoints but all the examples show us the process of Inserting, Updating and Deleting by using Postman only. I could not find any example where it is done from Oracle APEX page functions.

I shall be very thankful if someone can point me to some resource where Inserting, Updating and deleting data with Rest end point is shown to be done from APEX Pages and not from Postman.