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APEX 21.1 (Patch 5) - IR column filter (request ajax plugin) returns "Your session has ended error"

User_JYWG5 Member Posts: 2 Red Ribbon
edited Sep 30, 2021 12:51PM in APEX Discussions

Hi all

I have an application with an Authentication Schema (Http Variable) which is working fine, even the post-authentication procedure doesn't return any error because when i log in, apex give me a correct session and i can go in any page.

However, when i try to filter to any column of any interactive report of any page, apex return this error: "Your session has ended" and doesn't apply any filter on the relative interactive report.

If i activate debug e view it, the result is this

It seems that the action of showing page is done correctly with the logged user ("TINIT -....") but the action of clicking on column to filter on it, that is a Ajax plugin request, is done anonymously, as if the application doesn't recognize the active session for the user: this is the detail of the Ajax plugin request with the error:

Someone have any idea to resolve that error?

Thank you in advance.



  • Patrick Wolf-Oracle
    Patrick Wolf-Oracle Consulting Member of Technical Staff Posts: 2,455 Employee
    1. Does this only affect filtering or does the error also happen if you click the Go button? So does it happen with any Ajax request?
    2. Does this also occur if you navigate around in your application? Check if the session id stays the same in the URL.
    3. Have you also tried LEVEL9 debugging to get additional information?
    4. You should also check in Google Developer Tools if the Ajax request includes the session cookie. It looks like it doesn't.



  • User_JYWG5
    User_JYWG5 Member Posts: 2 Red Ribbon
    1. No, It affects even with Submit buttons: the result of debugging is the same of the first post, the action of clicking the submit button is done by "nobody", but i have logged in the app successfully and with a valid session.
    2. Same of the point number 1
    3. No, how do I enable this level of debugging?
    4. I checked with Google Developer Tools (with the submit button) and there is my session cookie, but the value of session cookie change every time i click on the button, together with the session id in the URL.

    This is the screenshot of debug view when I click the submit button:

    This is the detail of debug of "Accept SAVE", that is the action of button click:

    It seems that the http variable of username is lost in a specific step of the page life cycle and apex isn't able to assign to my user (already logged-in, with the same username) the same session id before clicking on the button.