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Interface issues after updating APEX for Oracle autonomous database

Alex V
Alex V Member Posts: 18 Red Ribbon

Hi. Recently I noticed that the APEX version for my Oracle autonomous database has been updated to version 21.1.3. I refreshed the theme (verification is successful), but unfortunately, there are still few problems related to the display of the interface.

1. The color of the field icon remains black when it is in focus. It looks strange and I'm pretty sure this is a bug and not a design change for the new version. In addition, when the fosus leaves the element, it momentarily turns white. I posted my project to the workspace at and there was no such problem.

2. I have a dynamic action in the page load section that closes the collapsible region under certain conditions. In version 20.2 I did't see the moment of collapsing the region, but now it is. It seems that the dynamic actions that are in the page load section are executed with a delay.

I turned off all my custom styles and cleared my browser cache, but it didn't make any difference.

Perhaps I incorrectly updated my application to a new version? I would be grateful for any help.