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NetSuite rest api status 500 error

Hi all,

I am trying to get started using NetSuite rest api.

I attempted to duplicate this very good video on my Mac using Post man version 8.2.3

I tried to set up all the same settings in my NetSuite sandbox account and in postman - but I may have missed a few things.

As described in the video I set up my redirect url in postman as : 

postman - redirect_url = https%3A%2F%2Flocalhost 

and netsuite as = https:localhost

and for the state i just created a dupe of the video string like

state is 1qaz3edv5tgb7ujmWSXRFVYHNIK

I think the goal of this demo is to get to a login screen (about 6 min in on demo)

The problem is when I click send and post man I get in 500 internal error

the postman preview says = Page not found... 

when I copy the link and paste into browser

it seems that it is where the page is not found - so I'm guessing that something is not set correctly at

Any idea how to fix this "page not found" error 500 problem?

Thanks Dave