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mysql installation ZIP mode windows. mysql-debug doesn´t work

User_FGBE4 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon


I´ve installed mysql in Windows 10 with ZIP archive.

I´ve tried to install mysql-debug with debug binaries and test suite.

(packages available in

I´ve installed only from zip archive and it works without problem. But when I try to unzip debug binaries and repeat the installation process and start mysql server, It doesn´t work.

Has anyone managed to install this debug version?

I show you the steps I´ve followed to install debug binaries and test suite, than they are the same I´ve followed to install only ZIP archive.

t the installation.

unzip files

Microsoft C/C++ libraries

global variable of windows created

my.ini created:


initialation to create data file

and when I tried to start server (net start mysql) I obtain system error 5.

I execute cmd with administrative role and mysql files have all permissions.... I don´t know where is the mistake I´ve done.

Please, Does anyone help me?


  • dvohra21
    dvohra21 Member Posts: 14,626 Gold Crown
    1. Is the non debug edition uninstalled before installing debug?
    2. The directory paths include a space in Program Files, which could be an issue. Either install in a directory without spaces or add quotes around path settings.