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ADF Library page takes huge time to load.

PrakashC Member Posts: 20 Red Ribbon


I am struggling to find the slowness cause for the jsff page rendered from library taskflow (only one large page is called depending on some variable). The page takes more that 20 seconds to generate & sometimes takes even longer. The WebLogic admins have observed one fact.- As the sessions go up, the rendering gets slower.

Earlier, we though it could be firewall or the network issue. But there is nothing clearly traced out yet.

It is also hard to pin point the time when the application suddenly got slow. The database queries do not seem to be running slow

Locally, when I run from my desktop, the rendering is quick, even if I connect to production database.

I will appreciate suggestions on how we could proceed in resolving this issue.

JDeveloper version user -

Weblogic version





  • Timo Hahn
    Timo Hahn Senior Principal Technical Consultant - Oracle ACE Director Member, Moderator Posts: 38,725 Red Diamond

    This kind of problem is hard to track. For us, it's impossible as we don't see anything. For you, it's very hard too. My advice is to look at the GC (garbage collection) on the server. Track this over time and try to find out, if high GC times are corresponding with slow response times.

    What exactly do you mean by 'if session go up'?

    Do you see a linear increase for rendering the page?

    Have you checked the number of active sessions?

    What about activation/passivation of sessions?


  • PrakashC
    PrakashC Member Posts: 20 Red Ribbon

    Hi Timo,

    Thank you for you response.

    1. with 'Session going up' , I did mean active session.
    2. activation & passivization setting have not been changed from the default.

    If I have correctly understood from the Admins, with 2-3 active sessions the response time is not so bad. It gets worse when the active sessions go above 15.

    Just in case if this additional info helps.

    the DB connection settings on the Weblogic are as follow

    Initial Capicity 20

    Maximum Capacity 250

    Minimum Capacity 20

    Statement Cache Type : LRU

    Statement Cache Size 10

    We have a schedule to restart the managed-server once a week. Not sure, but just my thought, if GC was an issue, then the response would have been fast at-least for couple of days after the restart. However, this is not something that is observed.



  • Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle
    Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle Director of Product Management for Oracle's Cloud Development Tools Posts: 16,872 Employee

    You might want to use the ADF logger to track the exact activities happening when the page load:

    Using the ADF Logger


    (and the 4 previous posts in this series).

  • dvohra21
    dvohra21 Member Posts: 14,664 Gold Crown

    Clearly it is a resource (CPU and RAM) usage issue - more the sessions less the resource allocated to each session, which causes slowness. Get a higher resource system.

  • PrakashC
    PrakashC Member Posts: 20 Red Ribbon

    Thank you Shay, Deepak.

    I will go through the suggested link & try out.



  • PrakashC
    PrakashC Member Posts: 20 Red Ribbon

    Hi Shay,

    I tried to do the Analyze logs as documented by Duncan Mills. However, I could not find any delays in the Query response. I also tried to investigate into the diagnostic logs. I do not see any wait in the logging.

    I then tried to add a custom phase-listener to check which phase is taking the longest. I see that even on my local, there is lot of time spent between "prepareRender" and "jsfRenderResponse". It is taking 7 seconds (without FINEST logging) even on my local.