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No Reports Icons after Installation and Configuration on Windows

Torsten Kleiber
Torsten Kleiber Member Posts: 198 Bronze Badge


I have a fresh install of Forms & Reports. I have configured my domain and called createReportsToolsInstance.

But there are no icons for any Reports tool like builder, converter or for starting/stopping WLS_REPORTS.

Any idea?

Best regards



  • Frank Hoffmann
    Frank Hoffmann Member Posts: 824 Gold Badge
    edited Jun 7, 2022 12:19PM


    Create an Icon with this call:






    This worked for me in my Development Environment... my rewbuilder.bat has this batch-code:


    set DOMAIN_HOME=C:\oracle\forms12214\user_projects\domains\FrmRep12214

    call %DOMAIN_HOME%\reports\bin\reports.bat

    set COMPONENT_NAME=rep_tools1

    set COMPONENT_CONFIG_PATH=%DOMAIN_HOME%\config\fmwconfig\components\ReportsToolsComponent\%COMPONENT_NAME%





    cd C:\oracle\forms12214\bin

    @echo on

    start %ORACLE_HOME%\bin\rwbuilder.exe %*

    @echo off


    @echo on


  • Torsten Kleiber
    Torsten Kleiber Member Posts: 198 Bronze Badge

    So is it normal, that no icons are created?

    The batch files does not work here too. I have for both SR's open since one week.

  • Frank Hoffmann
    Frank Hoffmann Member Posts: 824 Gold Badge


    You can do one simple mistake (forget C++ runtimes, do not start installation with admin cmd) and you will fail. We always install a version by a plan with screenshots and a clear row of tasks and 80 pages step by step action. And then everything works.

    With you get Forms Builder Icons but I think no Reports Icons. But the installation process brings all necessary files and configurations. You can create an Icon on the desktop with my example.

    I guess you did a simple mistake during the installation process which is now hard to find. I would do the installation process again with a good installation guide. You can get it from me if you want or help from my employee, who does the installations for many customers. On a windows server(2016/2019) it takes for us about 3-4 hours for a complete Forms/Reports development instance.

    I think Jan-Peter Timmermann is faster because he has made automation scripts for this.

    He has a session exactly for this topic on the Formsday on 20th of September at the DOAG.


  • Torsten Kleiber
    Torsten Kleiber Member Posts: 198 Bronze Badge


    I already have an almost complete Powershell-scripted Installation on Windows, which runs under admin account in under 2 hours. C++ runtimes are installed by default on our systems. Reports icons and Reports development tools are the last big issue in the Installation.

    Sure I can create Icons per Powershell too, but in my Opinion this should be installed by Oracle installers? At least I want to be sure, if this Icons will really not be created by Oracle or if there is a installation or configuration step is missing. The other issue is, despite I have created some of the Icons manually, the tools does not open after splashscreen, depending on tool with or without error messages.

    I already found one of your installation guide for on the web. A lot of your points does not apply to us, instead we have a lot of other configuration steps for our specific application. Eg. we have to use Windows 10 Enterprise. For regulatory reasons the tools have to start after installation as standard user instead of admin user.

    Have sent today the RDA output to oracle for my two SR's according to this issues.

    Kind regards


  • Michael Ferrante-Oracle
    Michael Ferrante-Oracle Senior Principal Product Manager USMember Posts: 7,486 Employee

    Not to split hairs, but to be clear you are not talking about “icons”. You are referring to shortcuts. By default, Reports installations no longer create them.

    Michael Ferrante

    Senior Principal Product Manager


    Twitter: @OracleFormsPM