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Reinstall Database Express Edition (XE)

I am trying to reinstall it. however, I got another problem

First, I have click "Setup.exe" in "OracleXE213_Win64" Folder

It did run something, and show uninstalling

After that, I click the "setup.exe" again, showing Oracle already exists.

I have tried to find it in "Apps & features", but I cant find Oracle database 

Lastly, I try to run "sqldeveloper.exe"

I have tried to connect the database again. 

it show an error message

Status : Failure -Test failed: IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection (CONNECTION_ID=8s9mmccySayPBlZb5QAe9Q==)

After all the steps, I have no idea what to do, to reinstall

Is there anyone who can help?