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How to open forms from applet ?

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edited Mar 29, 2010 4:31PM in Forms
hello,every one ,now I define an applet :MyApplet ,it extends from oracle.forms.engine.Main.In MyApplet I want to define an method:openForm.If I can do like that,how ?Thank you!


  • 508145
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    Why do this? Just copy the base.htm file in your <ora_home>/forms/server directory and replace %xxx% with your parameters. Then launch with a browser.
  • 582382
    582382 Member Posts: 6
    edited Jun 11, 2007 8:51PM
    Thank you for answer!
    A scene like this:
    I have opened a form:AForm,then I want to open another form from a html menu,not the menu in AForm,and i don't want to load the applet again.
    So I guess I can define an applet:MyApplet which extends from oracle.forms.engine.Main,then i can call MyApplet's methods through JavaScript's methods.
    The problem now is how to open forms from applet ?
  • 508145
    508145 Member Posts: 1,985
    What you' are asking is not the way a form is normally opened. You can create another applet tag in the same or different HTML page, or you can use the Javascript document.write() to create the applet tag inside the HTML page.
  • 582382
    582382 Member Posts: 6
    Thank You!
    We have tried the way you suggest.
    But the user will open forms from html menus frequently, and they don't want to reload the applet everytime.
  • 508145
    508145 Member Posts: 1,985
    edited Jun 11, 2007 9:46PM
    Can you tell me why they don't want to reload the applet? Is it because of performance? If so, I don't know if you will save much from opening it differently...

    Have you considered creating a menu in a form to open other forms?

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    Mark Roberts
  • 582382
    582382 Member Posts: 6
    Thank you!
    Two reasons:
    1、Through performance test,to reload the applet everytime will increase the system pressure
    2、The user considers that to reload the applet everytime will increase the response time.
    The way you suggest,is the same way we are now doing,but as you know, the current version of ORACLE ERP includes web and forms,and the user need an uniform style UI,so we want to try another way as i described above.
  • wilfred
    wilfred Member Posts: 681
    Please have a look at my concept as published at It describes a concept to integrate Oracle Forms an web technology (JSF, PHP, ADF Faces, etc). It contains a number of features:
    - Inbound JavaScript API to enable Javascript to call Oracle Forms PL/SQL code (what you are asking from a HTML menu)
    - Outbound JavaScript API to enable Forms to evaluate and execute JavaScript (for integration the other way around)
    - A way to eliminate Forms applet startup times, when using Oracle Forms on different web pages.
    - Some HTML/CSS tricks to visually integrate Oracle Forms in a web page.

    I think this describes what you are trying to achieve. We will be using this concept to integrate all existing Forms seamlessly in a large ADF Faces web application. After that's completed it allows use to replace individual Forms with ADF Faces pages over time. For us, this is the way to migrate from Oracle Forms to ADF Faces, but it could just as well be used for other purposes.

    The site contains detailed descriptions, papers, a how-to guide and sample files on how to get this integration working.

    For those of you that will be visiting the ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference next week; I will presenting there also. If all things go well, an OTN article will be published this week about the same concept.

    Good luck,
  • 582382
    582382 Member Posts: 6
    Thank you!
    What you describe is the purpose we are tring to archive,i will try it.
  • 582382
    582382 Member Posts: 6
    edited Jun 13, 2007 7:54AM
    I finally get it!
    Thanks for your helps
  • 651760
    651760 Member Posts: 15

    I want to do the same thing, load a form in the same oracle form applet with a javascript menu.

    this thread and the example of wilfred is very useful for me. In the example, wilfred show how to execute a event of Oracle Forms via JavaScript, and I want to know how to use the Oracle Forms API to load another form in the applet.

    I don´t found useful information about the Oracle Forms API and how to use it.

    My question is how to load another form in the applet, when I invoke it with javascript.

    Thanks advance
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