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ODP.Net Download : After Installation have Problem

287726 Member Posts: 7
I have downloaded the software and installed the software.
MY OS : Windows 2000
My DB : Oracle 9i Release 1

While installation, a wizard asked me to stop my local machines database and TNS Service, HTTP service etc... SO i have stopped all oracle services, and again i started the setup. it went through fine. While finishing the installation the installation wizard asked me configure the net service. During this process i selected the option to manually setup the net service. And wizard took me to window where by it asked netservice name i have provided my local machines net service name. and host name to be local machines name but it failed to connect with the server, so alternatively i gave another net service which is available in my office network. Finally it succeded the installation.
And now i tried to restart my local database service name and while starting the service it gives me the following error message.

Window Description : The Procedure Entry Point kdrgtl could not be located in the dynamic link library OraCommon9.dll

and after this message another message is poping up

Window Description : " Could not start the OracleServiceVenkat service in the local computer
Error Number 1053 : The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion

Could any one tell me how to access my local database.


  • 233897
    233897 Member Posts: 5
    it seams to me you installed the Package in the same OracleHome-Directory as your database. Because the comes as version 9.2 it wouldn't make me wonder if oracle overwrites preexisting files with same names that are binary incompatible. I guess that's the reason you can't restart your 9.0 DB.
  • 182042
    182042 Member Posts: 563
    ODP.NET is an Oracle9i Rel2 Client based product and should not be installed in a previous Oracle Home. It should be installed either in an Oracle9i Rel2 Oracle Home or a seperate Oracle Home.
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