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Unreadble and unchangeable font size


I'm running Oracle Help for Java, Version from Enterprise Manager on SuSE Linux, KDE 3.0.4. in a 1280x960 display. I'm using VNC Viewer 3.3.5 on Win2K 1600x1200 display with the VNC server running remotely on the Linux server.

The problem is the font size of the help contents pane. It is so samll as to be nearly unreadable. The navigator pane and other window font sizes are o.k. If I need to read anthing longer than a short sentence, I open the Help/Enterprise Manager/Win2K version and read that help.

Changing the font size cannot be done when running remotely. Using the numeric keyboard's + and - keys have no effect. Running from the server directly, they will change the font size (and type). The numeric keyboard's + and - keys work in elsewahere when running remotely.

If I go over to the server and run Help/Enterprise Manager/KDE on it's 1024x768 display, the font size is readable, and can be changed using the numeric keyboard's + and - keys.

Is there any other way to change the font properties in the contents pane, or is there a fix in the works?


  • We (the Oracle Help team) haven't tested that configuration, so
    I don't have an answer for why the font is so small. The font
    size is set by the author in the HTML/CSS files, and in theory
    it should appear correctly on different platforms (and over VNC).

    The + and - keys, as you've noted, in most environments will
    increase and decrease the base font size. As this is not
    very discoverable, and because we have recently started a
    new branch of OHJ where we can make UI changes, we want to
    introduce a font size menu (similar to what you have seen
    in web browsers). Hopefully, you would be able to use
    this menu in your environment to modify the font size
    to meet your needs.
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