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Documents on Knowlede Base

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edited Jul 11, 2008 11:00AM in QA/Testing
Has anybody had any luck retrieving documents from Knowledge Base? I can no longer access any of the documents that I used on QA Zone for e-Tester and e-Load.

I have found a document on Knowledge Base that I wish to view, however, there is no actual document available. Please see Doc ID Note:601879.1 below where it is mentioning an attached document, however, there is no document. How do I get to this document? On Empirix QA Zone, this document used to be available to me via a link and now I am unable to access - please advise.

Subject: Best Practices - Deploying e-Load (Architecture & Setup Information)
Doc ID: Note:601879.1
To ensure successful load test execution it is important that e-Load is deployed properly, on adequate hardware, and configured appropriately. Please, read attached document for guidelines and recommendations on how to successfully implement e-Load in your environment.


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    Hi Muka,

    Let me do some digging on Oracle Metalink site, as all QAZone Knowledge Base document should be available there.
    In the mean time I think I have your email address from your QAZone time, so I will send it to you via email

    Thank you for reporting this issue!
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