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Copy Apex and all apps from development DB to multiple production DBs

179992 Member Posts: 25
edited Aug 29, 2008 11:41AM in APEX Discussions

We have one development database with around 100 production databases.

I am new to Apex and we are evaluating how we could use it within our existing application but the first thing I need to know is the easiest way to copy the apex developed applications to all of our production databases.

Currently I export all objects from our development schema and compile them onto the production databases, can I do something similar with apex?

Would I just need to export the flows_030100 and flows_files schemas from our dev database and import it into the production databases? If so what about any grants? I can easily grant all the privilages for flows_030100 and flows_files users but is there anything else?

Any other angles to approach this from?



  • John Edward Scott
    John Edward Scott Member Posts: 5,475 Gold Badge

    How many applications are you talking about roughly?

  • 179992
    179992 Member Posts: 25

    Not a huge amount, in the region of 30-50 charts and reports I would think

  • John Edward Scott
    John Edward Scott Member Posts: 5,475 Gold Badge
    Hi Robert,

    30-50 charts and reports? Do you mean 50 apps, or just 1 app with 30-50 charts and reports?

    Assuming you mean 30-50 distinct apps, I'd say exporting those schemas is very much overkill (I would be thinking about hundreds/thousands of apps before that probably became an attractive option).

    You can export your applications individual through the Application Builder, if you use the Supporting Objects feature you can also include scripts to generate Packaged Code, table creation scripts, data generation etc.

    However doing 30-50 individual exports would also be a bit tedious, so you can also use a commandline tool to batch export applications from a workspace or the entire instance, I blogged about how to do this a while back -

    You can then import those applications into your other DB's (the exports are just regular SQL scripts).

    Hope this helps,

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