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trigger automated email based on date

JasperA Member Posts: 149
edited Dec 30, 2008 6:37PM in APEX Discussions

I would like to trigger a process that sends an email out, based on a certain date. But how do I go about this? Triggers are based either on systemevents or DDL/DML. Should I use some kind of scedualing? Problem is: I'm using the Oracle envirionment which doesnt give you direct access to the database ofcourse.

Is there a solution for this?



  • John Edward Scott
    John Edward Scott Member Posts: 5,475 Gold Badge

    Take a look at DBMS_JOB or preferably DBMS_SCHEDULER -

    It's incredibly flexible and you can schedule your code to run whenever you want it to.

    Hope this helps,

    John Edward Scott
  • JasperA
    JasperA Member Posts: 149
    It works...mostly. The only thing is... I have to manually start the job, so it won't execute on it's own on a two minute interval. The job is enabled.
  • 672732
    672732 Member Posts: 1
    edited Dec 1, 2008 5:12AM
    @ Voxie2

    May I ask you how you resolved this problem.
    I have the same issue. I want to send an E-mail on a specified date.
    I checked the DBMS_SCHEDULER and tried something, but no results.

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  • Rnr-Oracle
    Rnr-Oracle Member Posts: 1,269 Employee

    For help with this issue post the output of the following query for the job in question

    select job_name, owner , state, next_run_date, run_count, last_start_date, schedule_type, start_date, repeat_interval from dba_scheduler_jobs;

    If the job is scheduled for the correct date but has not run, you can look at this post to diagnose the problem


    If you have any questions directly related to the scheduler, you may get a faster response by posting on the Scheduler forum here


    Hope this helps,
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