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Tabular form - gives HTTP 404 Page not found on Page submit

Mike Mac
Mike Mac Member Posts: 266 Blue Ribbon
edited Sep 18, 2008 5:10PM in APEX Discussions

I've created a tabular form - from the wizard - to edit rows in a table with about 60 columns.

I have a page item with a pop-up list box to select the category of items to be edited - and a "go" button to submit the page.

On the first call of the page, the page item is null, and the tabular form select correctly returns no rows.

Once a selection of a valid value in the page item is made, and the "go" button is selected, the tabular form displays correctly the relevant rows.

After that, the only button that woks is the "Cancel" which just re-displays the page with no change.

If the "go" button, or "submit" button are selected, I get the the call to the wwv_flow_accept, but I get an "HTTP 404 Page not found".

I've tried re-starting everything, logging out etc - nothing helps.

Any ideas?




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