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Functionality Question - Embedding ESRI ArcPad functionality into Apex 3.1

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edited Sep 29, 2008 7:05PM in APEX Discussions

I am investigating the potential to develop a mobile field data collection application in Apex 3.1 Oracle 10g database

The system needs to provide GIS and GPS functionality (we will be using ESRI ArcPad to deliver this) and will capture primarily textural data about the maintenance work completed on an asset (proposing to use an Apex Application).

I have found a white paper on creating a region in Apex with the Google Earth API - my question is:
Can we create code (in JavaScript? or other language?) to either

a. launch the ArcPad application feeding it certain parameters (i.e. spatial feature to focus map on)

- or -

b. is it possible to embed the ArcPad apm file (AcrPad map) within the Apex form maintaining full ArcPad editing functionality

Can this be done, do you see that this would be difficult to achieve. Or has anyone done this that can help.
Any assistance / guidance is most appreciated.



  • John Edward Scott
    John Edward Scott Member Posts: 5,475 Gold Badge

    I don't have that much experience with Arcpad, however a quick search found this -

    which suggests that you can use Javascript API's to control Arcpad to a degree (although by how much I don't know).

    If what you've asked isn't possible, then I would imagine that they should be working on it as a priority as in todays 'Web 2.0' environment it seems like a pretty common requirement (and many of their competitors certainly allow control like that).

    Hope this helps,

    John Edward Scott
  • 634756
    634756 Member Posts: 10
    Hi John,

    Thanks for your response :)

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