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Connect from Excel to APEX

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edited Oct 13, 2008 6:22AM in APEX Discussions
Hi all,

I want to transfer data entered through a template in excel into tables in the APEX Environment.
There are several users who will enter data in the excel and this must be uploaded automatically in my APEX tables .
How can I do that ?



  • 468750
    468750 Member Posts: 142

    There are a lot of questions about this sort of thing on the forum. Search for upload csv data

    You have to create an application that will browse for your file and parse the data (usually in csv format) into your tables.
    Check out the following links to see which you prefer...




    this solution from vikas his downloadable and you can then modify it for your own use...

  • Roel Hartman
    Roel Hartman Member Posts: 2,711 Gold Trophy
    Hello Adela,

    My first reaction is : Why would you do that? Why not create a report and form in APEX and let the users enter and query data using APEX??? Makes everybodys live so much easier - and more fun ;-)

    But if you (or your users insist): This has nothing to do with APEX. You need an ODBC connection from Excel to your database that updates your database tables (not your APEX tables, because that is the repository - and you certainly don't want the users change the repos tables using Excel).

  • 628828
    628828 Member Posts: 57
    Thank you both for your quick replies.

    Gus - I've seen the posts on the upload csv, but what I needed was when data was submited from Excel to automatically be stored in my APEX application.

    Roel - The Excel application is already builded and by other team so that's why I need to make a connection to that and not build it directly in APEX.
    where and how do you make the ODBC connection?

    Many Thanks,
  • Roel Hartman
    Roel Hartman Member Posts: 2,711 Gold Trophy
    Hello Adela,

    The question "How to setup an ODBC connection in Excel" is better asked in the Windows/ODBC forum. Check [this message|]. I guess the answer is there - or at least the path to the answer....

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