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Applet on Apex page

666621 Member Posts: 3
edited Nov 27, 2008 10:38AM in APEX Discussions
Those anyone know if I can run an applet on an Apex page? I've placed the <applet> tag in an apex html region but I keep getting the same exception(ClassNotFoundException). I don't know where to place the applet .class file.


  • 447579
    447579 Member Posts: 306
    edited Oct 22, 2008 1:07PM
    since Apex resides on the Data Base, why don't you try to upload your .class to the DB and then call it as a java stored procedure?

    Max A.

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  • EricKramer
    EricKramer Member Posts: 3 Blue Ribbon
    edited Nov 27, 2008 10:36AM
    You can indeed use applets. In a nutshell, do the following:

    1. Upload your applet's class file into Apex as a "static file". See Shared Components \ Files \ Static Files
    2. In your web page, create an html region with source that includes your applet tag. For the "code" attribute, which points to the .class file, make sure to use the special prefix Apex provides for static/image content something like this: <applet ... code="#APP_IMAGES#myclass.class" ...>

    If you need more than one .class file, it would probably be easier to put them all in a .jar file and upload that instead (and use the archive= applet attribute)

    Let me know if these instructions help or if more detail would help you.


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  • EricKramer
    EricKramer Member Posts: 3 Blue Ribbon
    I think his intent here was to make this applet available to web visitors to his system, NOT to use it for behind-the-scenes processing (which is what trying to make it a stored procedure would do).
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