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Selecting from view (by another scheme) doesn't use spatial index

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edited Jan 19, 2009 9:59AM in General Database Discussions

I'm using XE to store spatial data. Data are in my general_scheme. I created restricted_scheme+ just with basic privileges to access the data.

The problem starts when I'm selecting data by restricted_schema+ from general_scheme.view+ - I notised that select operation don't use spatial index of the table and select is too slow (f.g. 30 sec. per one select). When I'm selecting data by restricted_scheme+ from data_scheme.table+, everything goes well.

Is that a bug?
It relates just to spatial index.
I tested these events on Oracle 11g and there was no problem with selecting by restricted_scheme.

Thanks for advices.



  • 679545
    679545 Member Posts: 4
    After some investigation we found that in the Oracle Patchset ( there is a fix for this bug:

    5487727 SDO_ANYINTERACT can be slow

    Unfortunately we don't have access to Oracle MetaLink so we can't check details about it.
    We tested another machine and it indeed seems to be a problem on both (Express edition) and (Enterprise Edition). Version 11 (Enterprise Edition Release doesn't have problem.
    Can anybody check what is in Metalink about 5487727 and if there's a workaround?

  • APC
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    Support for the XE edition is provided through the XE forum. Please ask your question there.

    Cheers, APC

  • 679545
    679545 Member Posts: 4
    Although we founded that problem in XE, it relates really on both (XE) and (Enterprice) editions.
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