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What is the max no of pages a Script can add using OATS?

679279 Member Posts: 61
edited Jan 15, 2009 12:00AM in QA/Testing

I am getting some problems when no of pages in a script are more,Do anybody knows what is the max limit
of pages we can add in a Script.


  • Alex
    Alex Member Posts: 799

    there is no official maximum number of pages per script, however you should try to keep scripts as short as possible to make debugging easy.

    The longest script I ever had to write (due to being a long transaction) was about 40 steps.

    How long is your script?

  • 679279
    679279 Member Posts: 61
    hi Alex,

    My script is having around 50+ steps because of long transaction.
    Now whenever I am trying to open that script using OATS it gives ERROR "OPEN SCRIPT COMMAND FAILED."
    and also I am not able to see my steps also.


  • Alex
    Alex Member Posts: 799

    What platform are you on? note that OATS is only supported on windows 32bit machines, the reason I say that is because i have seen similar errors on 64bit machines.

    I have opened 70/80 steps scripts without a problem in OATS, so it should work.

    Also how much memory do you have in your machine? OATS needs to load 2 files if you have 50+ steeps could it be that your machine is running out of memory?


  • 679279
    679279 Member Posts: 61
    edited Jan 14, 2009 11:51PM
    Hi Alex ,

    My system is 32-bit only, and .99 GB RAM.
    what happened with me is that whenever i am trying to run a big script it gives me the error"OPEN SCRIPT COMMAND FAILED" and I w'll not be able to see my script's but when i am trying to open small script it work's very fine.
    Are you able to understand this problem?


    Edited by: USoni on Jan 14, 2009 8:50 PM
  • i have scripts of more than 100 pages and did not see this issue on those script but had encounter this with even few pages scripts. Probable reason could be issue with VB code and I observed following work around works

    - Rename VBA file of that script with some other working script file and try toopen script, you may need to do your VB code again
    - Click on error and go to tool menu and click on any menu item which is not grayed out and click on it

    Other thing we did was to maintain script in versioning tool and we go back to earlier version if we see this issue.

    hope this helps
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