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is OATS supports Siebel load testing?

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edited Apr 30, 2009 1:20PM in QA/Testing

every one knows, OATS supports webappliaction testing and webservices testing...

mu question is: Is OATS supports siebel load testing?

if yes, please provide related documents/urls...


  • Yes it supports Siebel Testing. Refer product documentation
  • 597807
    597807 Member Posts: 89
    thanks for the reply...

    I have installed oats840 for webservices testing...
    now i want to test siebel...

    do i need to install latest versions?
    or is there any other add-ons ?
    How can i start siebel testing by using OATS...

    I have gone through soo many sites...i got information like OATS supports Siebel testing but didn't get how to create script,how to perform load testing on that script...

    please help...its very urgent...
  • 840 is fine

    To start you need

    Siebel specific OATS suite license
    Siebel Test Automation Framework license
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    In addition to Dave's comments, If you are planning to create performance load testing scripts I suggest you upgrade to the latest OTN OATS download which is version 8.5 There is a brand new product in the Suite called OpenScript, which has a customized Siebel correlation library. Currently it only creates HTTP/Siebel load testing scripts, but in the future will have modules to script Functional Web scripts as well.
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    Technically, Openscript SHOULD provide a high level of functional testing due to it's ability to generate text matching test cases. You can also run content validation, but you have to code it. The main issue is that OpenScript doesn't play through a full browser simulation so you won't have the pretty UI, but it can all be parsed for using the Text Matching cases. Also, given that it's primarily mimicking the HTTP traffic, it's probably doing a pretty good job a grabbing the AJAX/Javascript traffic that doesn't generate new pages in e-Tester/OFT. It's a lot of work to get that content management piece in there for us, but it essentially COULD handle it, I figure...
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