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SQL Developer - Excel Export has missing records

orclrunner Member Posts: 546
edited Dec 1, 2009 10:46AM in SQL Developer
Windows platform.

My query returns 11,031 records on the Query Results pane.

I right-click the results and select Export Data | xls

I accepted the default settings, except I changed File using the Browse button.

It took seven-minutes to export the data to Excel. It appears to export the first 10,000 very quickly. But after 10,000 it is exporting about 1 record per secord. I can view the export progress in the lover right-hand pane.

After the export has completed and I open the Excel file it only contains 10,001 records. What happened to the other 1,030 records?

I closed SQL Developer and re-opened it and was able to reproduce this problem.


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