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searching maps with apex

Emu Member Posts: 270 Bronze Badge
edited Dec 31, 2009 5:34AM in APEX Discussions
I'm wondering if apex is a good choice for an application I need to build. The application will need to have a map showing geometries. From a quick read of the internet this seems pretty reasonable to do in apex, by connecting to something like google maps.

However we will also need to be able to select an object on the map, or select all the objects in a box selected on the map - is it going to be reasonably simple to get these geometries back from the google map so that in apex I can see what has been selected?

I've used apex a bit but as you can tell am very new to the idea of maps and searching through a map. If any one has an example app so much the better!



  • Piotr Jasiński
    Piotr Jasiński Member Posts: 73 Blue Ribbon
    So you need to integrate GoogleMaps with APEX.

    I've seen this kind of application . So it's doable.

    I'm not sure about getting back the information ....

    Best way is to see the Google maps api docs:

  • 715331
    715331 Member Posts: 92
    i recommend oracle mapViewer.
    there's a forum on this here too.

    I'm currently working with it and i am very satisfied with the functionality.
  • I described it step by step here:

    Good luck !
  • Emu
    Emu Member Posts: 270 Bronze Badge
    Oh google did find me that page earlier but I couldn't read the language.
  • Bernhardfw-Oracle
    Bernhardfw-Oracle Member Posts: 267
    edited Dec 28, 2009 10:36AM
    then take a look here at Patrick Wolfs BLOG explaining it in English:
    sorry - some links seem to be old.

    Here is my English translation as pdf:

    Edited by: BernhardFW on Dec 28, 2009 4:34 PM
  • another one:

    use --> APEX 4.0 !! - use the plugin technology !!

    I have just imported Patrick Wolfs Sample_Application_Plugins ex his zip file:

    The result with two maps (Google and Oracle Maps) you can see in my blog (down the page).

    Once u hv installed plugins (like the a.m.) you can setup the map as you like (add more layers, FOIs, more functionality, etc.).
    As the plugin is purely developed in pl/sql you may develop your own plugin.... - or adjust the a.m.

    Good luck !
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