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CORBA and RMI are "dead"?

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edited Aug 11, 2003 9:00AM in Remote Method Invocation (RMI)

I'm a Comp. Sci. student taking a course in CORBA and RMI and was wondering how relevant these technologies are out in the real world? I have a friend in industry who tells me that these technologies are "dead". He says XML has taken over as a communications standard.

Also, I am in the design phase of developing a 3D online game and I want to know if CORBA or RMI is fast enough to be used in a realtime application such as this (let's say I want to make 10 remote method calls per second to each of 50 clients). Can someone aim me at some benchmarks or performance figures?

Thanks all.


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    843793 Member Posts: 41,732 Green Ribbon
    1. Your friend doesn't know as much as he thinks.

    His statement is like saying "Conversation is dead because everybody uses English."

    I can't speak about CORBA, but

    o We have some very robust applictions written using RMI.
    o We wonder if SUN is walking away from RMI totards JAX: an XML-based communications scheme.

    2. Your problem is kind of under-specified, but

    o the way you phrased it sounds like lots of callback from server to clients - an area RMI handles, but only very well on LANs.
    o I suspect your performance will be more limited by network characteristics than by RMI. Unerneath, it's just TCPIP.

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