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edited Aug 1, 2001 5:05PM in Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

I'm new into java development, and I would like to check the following: Now, if i develop a small application, that makes some simple stuff (it's size is around 100k bytes) and i want to distribute it to some users as a stand alone application, I know that the users machine should be having an installed JRE inorder to run my Java application.

Unfotunately, when i checked the size of the 1.3 JRE it is 5 M Byte in size! so is a must to force teh users to download a 5 MB JRE to run my 100K code ???

Is there a way to reduce teh amount of JRE?!

Please help.



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    843798 Member Posts: 24,864
    Nearly all users' machines will have a JRE already installed. In fact, Microsoft is causing quite a stir by not including a JRE in Windows XP!
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    843798 Member Posts: 24,864
    That is a legitimate issue, and the answer is yes you have to force them to install the JRE one way or another. On the other hand, the reason your application is 100k is probably because the JRE is so large - I.E., the JRE wraps up all the code that you didn't have to write. Besides, nowadays 5MB is not that large.
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