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how to refer to an existing Hotjava browser?

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edited Aug 1, 2001 12:46PM in Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

if i want to use hotjava to view html files, and when i click a button or something in application, how can i get an existing hotjava window and update its contents?
in Netscape, we have -remote option to find out.

Thanks for replying!!!



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    843798 Member Posts: 24,864
    if you are referring to getting an edited HTML source page to reload the new content, then the answer is that the Reload button for Hotjava will automatically check for newer changes on the source HTML.

    If you are referring to something else other than what I have described, then there isn't enough data for us to advise you.

    Allen Lai
    SUN Developer Technical Support
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    843798 Member Posts: 24,864
    what I meant is:

    e.g, I have two buttons(A and B) in my Swing application, A is to view website, the other B is to view,

    when i click A button, my application will launch a hotjava browser by using:

    Runtime.getRuntime().exec(" hotjava")

    then, i click button B, I want the existing hotjava browser will go to website: instead of bringing another new hotjava browser.

    what kind of option should i use in hotjava command?


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