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help token (SafeNet) IKEY 2032 sign pdf files

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edited Jun 28, 2010 3:25AM in Java Desktop Applications
Hi . i'm trying to sign one pdf file with token safeNet IKEY 2032 but when i use SUN PK-CS11 i got the following error: CKR_MECHANISM_INVALID

and when i use the iTEXT i can sign but when i open the pdf on acrobat reader i got the following error:
Error during signature verification.

Error encountered while validating:

Error encountered while BER decoding:

can anyone tell me what im doing wrong?

sorry my english


  • 843810
    843810 Member Posts: 46,938
    java access ikey via native lib, so you should double check in config file

    example code: oProvider = new;

    double check file pkcs11.cfg and make sure in your application declare corect lib for ikey
  • PhHein
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    Thanks, but you're two years late.
    Please don't post in threads that are long dead and don't hijack other threads. When you have a question, start your own topic. Feel free to provide a link to an old post that may be relevant to your problem.

    I'm locking this thread now.
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