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Windows2000server/9ias/php installation

grimrand Member Posts: 177 Blue Ribbon
edited Oct 12, 2003 7:45PM in PHP
I have downloaded and unzipped the file, then implemented all the httpd.conf file changes, moved the php4ts.dll to the winnt, winnt\system and winnt\system32 directories. renamed and moved the ini file to the windows directory.

restarted apache - no joy the error_log file has three error messages :

[warn] loaded DSO modules/php4apache.dll uses plain Apache 1.3 API, this module might crash under EAPI! (please recompile ....

can't spawn child process ../../a.php

../../a.php is not executable; ensure interpreted scripts have "~!" first line

Help!! any suggestions on a simple step by step configuration please.


  • 25447
    25447 Member Posts: 154

    check out:

    I still had a number of things to do, but this was a great start.


    php.ini // un comment the extension
    // path sure of your "path" to the php folder

    // make sure this is correct

  • 274260
    274260 Member Posts: 2
    Don't you have to edit the registry?

    I ran regedit and

    Navigate to:
    On the edit menu select: New->String Value.
    Type in the extension you wish to use for your php scripts. ex: .php
    Double click on the new string value and enter the path to
    php.exe in the value data field.
    ex: c:\php\php.exe
    Repeat these steps for each extension you wish to associate
    with PHP scripts.

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    3047 Member Posts: 307

    I haven't needed to do this. It sounds like you're running
    the .php files through the PHP CLI directly?

    My execution "workflow" is to load the scripts in a browser
    and let Apache call PHP.

    Also the PHP editor I installed associated itself with the
    .php extension.

    -- CJ
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