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Field level Encryption in Oracle DB using PHP

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edited Oct 13, 2003 6:56PM in PHP

I am using Oracle DB and PHP Scripting application for developing a ERP product.

How can Secure the Data stored in Oracle DB?

1.Can i encrypt the Data in PHP and Store the Same in DB? Whether it will affect the System Performance.

2. Can i do the encryption using Oracle in the Back End? Whether it is possible and whether it is a Suggestable method?

3. If i am using field level encryption, whether the performance server gets affected in the Application server or DB server.

4. Whether it is enough to keep the Oracle Database in Linux server as very secure and encrypt only the password & Credit card details?

Please give your suggestions regarding the same.


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    Here is a reference that will help answer your questions.
    I'm sorry I don't have any first hand knowledge in this area:

    See also information from:

    -- CJ
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