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PHP-Apache-RedHat8 to use remote Oracle8i (8.1.5) database

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edited Oct 15, 2003 7:28PM in PHP
I am using PHP- Apache server in a RedHat 8 environment.
I want to create queries using this configuration in a remote Oracle8i (8.1.5.) database hosted by RS6000 AIX machine. What should I do? Thanks.


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    Set up an Oracle Net listener on the machine with the DB. The machine
    running PHP needs local Oracle client libraries installed. The PHP
    connection call (OCILogon or ADOdb's $db->Connect) simply specifies
    the Oracle Net connection identifier (a.k.a. TNS alias) for the DB.

    Schematically the data flow looks something like:

    PHP OCI calls -> Oracle client libraries -> Oracle Net across the
    network -> Oracle Net listener -> Oracle DB

    -- CJ
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