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List of new Javadoc features for Merlin (1.4)

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The following web pages list the features we plan to include in
Javadoc in Merlin (1.4). We are also planning to fix about
30 bugs not listed here.

NOTE: We cannot commit to implement all of these
features in the Merlin timeframe -- some may take
more time than is available.

Javadoc tool features:

Standard doclet features:

Feel free to discuss any of these changes in this Javadoc forum.
If you have refined your idea to be concise, specific and
concrete, you may also post them to the specific bug in the Bug
Database, where they are more lasting and visible.

NOTE: Unfortunately, there is currently a bug on these web pages
where tags are mistakenly displayed as [email protected], making the
reports practically unreadable. We are working to fix this bug.

-Doug Kramer
Javadoc team


  • 843810
    843810 Member Posts: 46,938
    Here is a corrected re-print of one of the features that is "unreadable" due to [email protected]:

    (1.6) 4469119: Document @files to work with command line options as well
    as filenames (and rename it @argfiles)

    This is a request to change documentation only.
    The feature @files was originally documented in javadoc and javac to
    allow only filenames, not command line options. This expands
    the documentation to say @files also allows command line
    options. This will enable us to say that it works for -header,
    -footer, and -bottom.
  • 843810
    843810 Member Posts: 46,938
    Here is a corrected re-print of another feature that is unreadable due to [email protected]

    (2.1) 4058216: Capability to exclude classes/members (e.g. RMI stubs and
    skeletons) @docset

    The -include and -exclude options and @docset tag have been
    added to the standard doclet If "-exclude foo1:foo2" is
    used, all members, classes and packages with "@docset foo1" and "@docset foo2" will be excluded from the standard
    doclet output. If "-include foo1:foo2" is used, ONLY
    members, classes and packages with "@docset foo1" and/or
    "@docset foo2" will be included in the output.
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