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# Generated by Oracle configuration tools

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edited Oct 27, 2011 10:35PM in Oracle Provider for OLE DB
Hello - I have recently been asked to synchronize an oracle file, (TNSNAMES.ORA) across multiple servers. The question I have is how is this file created/updated. Based on the comment in the header of the file, it says "# Generated by Oracle configuration tools".

Where do I find these "configuration tools" and is there a specific name for the tool or process that I need to run to create/update this file? The TNSNAMES.ORA file is located in the ..\ora92\network\admin folder.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



  • Generally it's generated by the Net Configuration Assistant, which you can access from Start > Programs > OracleHome > Configuration tools

    It's just a text file though, you can generate it by hand using notepad, copy/paste it from a different machine, etc. All that really matters is that you have the format of the entries correct.

    You may also want to synchronize sqlnet.ora at the same time (in the same folder) as the two files generally go hand in hand, and some sqlnet.ora entries affect how tnsnames is used.

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