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Practice Exam for 1z0-050

809366 Member Posts: 7

I am preparing for 1z0-050 exam to get 11g OCP. I am thinking of buying 'Transcender' - 1z0-050 Practice Exam.

Has anyone used these practice exams and Flash Cards from Transcender for 1z0-050? If yes, do you recommend the material from Transcender?

I have used the Transcender practice exams for 042, 043 and 047 in the past and I found them very useful.
However for all those exams I used a very good Study Guide to supplement the Practice exams.

For 050 exam, based on the Web Search there are only 2 books, Sam Alapati and Freeman. Reviews for both the books are not that great.
Looks like Sam Alapati book has lot of errors.

Can someone please post there experience regarding the Transcender practice exam for 1z0-050?

Thanks in advance.


  • 568526
    568526 Member Posts: 72
    I used a practice test from SelfTest Software, which is produced by the same company, Kaplan. I thought their practice test for that exam was very good. I only have one complaint: Some of their referenced materials (websites, etc) were illegal materials found on sites like docstoc. I hope they've removed those. Anyway, I also had heard that Alapati's book was not so good, but it was the only book I used. When I heard that, I decided to glean through the book quickly & try to learn elsewhere. This site is helpful:
    and also this:
  • 809366
    809366 Member Posts: 7
    Hi Dan,

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    Good to know that the practice tests were helpful. I am also going to buy the Alapati book just so that it can keep me on track on what I need to study.

    I think this exam 1Z0-050 will require lot of study of Oracle Manuals. I will also look at the websites in your post.

    Thanks again.
  • 632584
    632584 Member Posts: 181
    This exam seems hard as comparison with 10g upgrade. I wonder from you had passed it, how long had you prepared for?
    Seems lots of materials have to be memorized, not practical to have all tested.
  • 878392
    878392 Member Posts: 3
    Can you share the link for SelfTest Software ? if that is still available with you.

  • Brandye Barrington-Oracle
    Brandye Barrington-Oracle Member Posts: 1,944 Employee
    If you go to the Oracle Certification website at, under the 'Preparation' tab, you will see a link to Practice Tests. You will find a link to the 050 practice exam at SelfTest Software on that page. You will also find a link to the practice exam on the 050 exam page.

    Brandye Barrington
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