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OCA exams time-frame

878274 Member Posts: 2
I have couple of questions. i'm planning to take 1z0-007 & 1z0-042 for oca. I'm ready for 007 but not so for 042. is there any time frame requirements that both exams must be taken within certain period of time or it will be invalid? Also i created an account at pearsonvue, do i also have to be a member of OPN to schedule exams?(what is this OPN stuff, i dont work so no employer) i don't understand linking oracle id to pearsonvue... pls clarify..
thank you


  • JustinCave
    JustinCave Member Posts: 30,293 Gold Crown
    No, there is no time limit to take all the exams in a path. You merely have to complete the exams in a given path before it is retired.

    OPN is the Oracle Partner Network. You don't need to be associated with an OPN member in order to take certification exams. If you were emlpoyed by an OPN member, however, your certifications can benefit the employer by helping them qualify for higher levels of OPN membership.

  • 712622
    712622 Member Posts: 47
    No, there is no time limit or an order of taking exams in a specific certification path.
  • 75407
    75407 Member Posts: 2,237
    Its probably worth mentioning exams will retire. IMHO 1z0-007 may retire shortly (IMHO 1z0-051 is a better alternative and 1z0-007 should be put to rest).

    However be comforted by:

    There is traditionally 3 months notice before an exam is retired except in extreme circumstances.
    Even if an exam is retired your pass will still count and typically still valid on relevant certification tracks.
    1z0-042 is unlikely to retire shortly.
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