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may i go for sql expert(1Z0-047) exam or 11g sql fundamentals 1(1Z0-051)

AhmedDBA Member Posts: 12
Hi all,

Please suggest me, may i go for sql expert(1Z0-047) Test or 11g sql fundamentals 1(1Z0-051) Test with
oracle Administration 1(1Z0-042) Test.
Which will be the best option.

Thanks & Regards


  • JustinCave
    JustinCave Member Posts: 30,293 Gold Crown
    You may use either exam along with the Oracle Administration 1 (1Z0-042) exam if your goal is to get a 10g DBA OCA credential.

    The SQL Expert exam is quite a bit more challenging than the SQL Fundamentals exam. On the other hand, the SQL Expert exam gives you a separate SQL Certified Expert credential. If you can pass it, you should take the SQL Expert exam.

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