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Regarding 11g OCA and OCP exams

793584 Member Posts: 7

I have 10g OCA. Now i am planning to write 11g OCA and OCP. Do i need to write 11g OCA or can i upgrade my 10g OCA to 11g.

Can any one please let me know how to prepare for 11g OCA and OCP. any web links or any text books do i need to follow in order to get good score in both certifications


  • JustinCave
    JustinCave Member Posts: 30,293 Gold Crown
    There is no upgrade path for the OCA certification. You'd need to take the 11g OCA exams. Assuming we're talking about the DBA track (there are many different tracks), you should have passed one of the SQL exams when you got your 10g OCA so you probably only need to take one more exam for the 11g OCA.

    All of Oracle's documentation is online at You should be able to find more than enough information about all the exam topics there.

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