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Code formatting no longer applies a fixed sized or mono spaced font.

Dude!Dude! Posts: 22,824 Blue Diamond

I don't know when it started to change, but Syntax Highlighting in the advanced editor no longer works correctly. It no longer applies a fixed size or mono spaced font and uses some proportional text instead, which is useless when displaying terminal command output. Please see below picture. Unfortunately, I can no longer resize the edtior window, but I guess you should see the difference.

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 11.27.03 AM.jpg

It may not look so bad in the above screenshot, but it adds up when displaying more complex content. There are also still a lot of other nuisances, such as automatic text to table conversions - when this happens, you might as well cancel your post. Or not being able to use certain combinations of characters, without converting to smileys, etc., etc...

As far as I can tell, the editor has not really improved during the last 5 years, despite of all the "we are looking into it" assurance.  Isn't the editor one of the most critical components? Why doesn't the platform vendor provide a more reasonable content editor?


  • BluShadowBluShadow Moderator Posts: 40,814 Red Diamond
    edited August 2017

    Well I've just done a little testing myself, and from what I can tell it IS still a fixed width font.

    However, it's making all the characters bold (you can see it doing it if you create some syntax highlighted text and type characters in to it) which is horrible, and the font used is not very good at all.

    There's always been some issue with it not preserving the number of spaces correctly when pasting in fixed format output and then putting it in something like Courier New font.  I think it's some issue on the pasting element (I haven't found it actually creating tabs or anything)

    Completely agree with you though that the editor is one of the main components of the community, and for a technical community it is pretty much essential that it deals with technical (code/terminal) content correctly; so yes, Jive's ability to deal with these issues is pretty appalling.

  • mathguymathguy Posts: 9,311 Gold Crown
    edited August 2017

    This is not a new issue - it's been there since I joined the Forum a year and a half ago. I always have to fix spacing manually - there has never been a period of a few weeks or months when I didn't have to do it. It almost surely has to do with "the force" replacing spaces with tabs, or things of this nature, although I was never able to quite figure out exactly what it is.

    In any case, this is not something that just got changed.

  • BluShadowBluShadow Moderator Posts: 40,814 Red Diamond
    edited August 2017


    declare  vTest varchar2(10);begin  null;end;/

    Hmmm... still bolding the text when I try it.

    Edit... now that's even weirder,  when I syntax highlight some code in the editor, it shows it in bold font, but once I "Post" the content it shows the post without the bold.  If something has been done to 'fix' the issue then it's just half a fix.

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