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  • Jim-D
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    Welcome!  The Getting Started space is intended for discussions about the Oracle Community website, not for product-specific questions.

    There are tips on how to find the correct space on the   page, which also has instructions on how to change your display name so you're not just a number.

    In the ACTIONS box on the top right of your post, you should be able to click on "Move", and then specify the correct space, so the right experts can see your question.

    Thanks and good luck!

    MOSC Move.png

  • BluShadow
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    *** Moderator Note:


    When you start a discussion, even if you've put it in the wrong place, it is polite to leave your question in place, especially if people have gone to the trouble of answering you (even if that's just to help you find the right place).

    Removing your original question text, just leaves a pointless discussion thread lying around on the community and makes a mess of things; so the admin generally consider that to be an abuse of the community (and regular offenders of such things are dealt with appropriately)

    In future, please DO NOT remove the content of your original posts.

    I shall lock this thread now as you've rendered it useless.

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