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Study material for SQL and PL/SQL exams


I want to appear for the SQL (1Z0-071) and PL/SQL (1Z0-144) exams.

The exam guides available on Amazon seem to be old (publishing date 2016).

Are there other books/material that are helpful?

Thank you.


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  • jaramilljaramill Posts: 4,298 Gold Trophy
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    4017350 wrote:Hi,I want to appear for the SQL (1Z0-071) and PL/SQL (1Z0-144) exams.The exam guides available on Amazon seem to be old (publishing date 2016).Are there other books/material that are helpful? Thank you.

    First you CANNOT take exam (1Z0-071) for the OCE-SQL as that exam and certification is "retired" as of end of July, 2017.

    But Steve O'Hearn does have an updated book for 12c -->…

    Steve's books are helpful (though the 11g version had some errors, which actually help me because I knew they were wrong and sent in my corrections to the author)

    With that said, here's my review of Exam 1Z0-144 (OCA-PL/SQL) -->

    UPDATE:  My correction is to indicate that exam 1Z0-017 is currently an "active/valid" exam.  The exam that I was referring to that is retired is 1Z0-047 which gave you the OCE-SQL (Oracle Certified Expert) certification.

    That exam and certification was retired at the end of July of 2017 but it IS still valid certification if you have it for other exam paths.

    There I describe what books and other materials I used to study.  I passed on my first try (same as my OCE-SQL 1Z0-071).



  • L. FernigriniL. Fernigrini Database Practice Lead - Posts: 3,406 Bronze Crown
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    They should be OK, those exams are based on Oracle 12c.

  • 40173504017350 Posts: 2
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    Thank you for your response.

    Which books did you follow for the 1Z0-071 exam? Is Steve O'Hearn's book enough?

  • ShivKumara123ShivKumara123 Posts: 4
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    Earn a core OCA credential on your path to Database Administrator or PL/SQL Developer certifications, by passing exam 1Z0-071 Oracle Database SQL.

    Released earlier this year, this certification fills a gap in the offerings that fulfill the SQL prerequisite in core Database Administrator and PL/SQL Developer paths. Until now, these offerings included two non-proctored SQL fundamentals exams (1Z0-051 and 1Z0-061) that do not result in certification by themselves and a more in depth SQL Expert exam (1Z0-047) that covers topic areas that may not show up very often in the day to day activities of a SQL Developer. SQL knowledge is essential to the Database Administrator role as well as that of the PL/SQL Developer. The new Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate credential gives a broader, more comprehensive view of SQL without dipping into more difficult, seldom-used features.


    • Exam Details: 1Z0-071 | Oracle Database SQL
    • Certification: Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate
    • Practice Test: 1Z0-071 Practice Test

    Other Related Certifications:

    • Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate
    • Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate
    • Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate
  • jaramilljaramill Posts: 4,298 Gold Trophy
    edited June 2019
    4017350 wrote:Thank you for your response.Which books did you follow for the 1Z0-071 exam? Is Steve O'Hearn's book enough?

    I didn't take 1Z0-071 exam as it didn't exist in my time (4yrs ago). It was 1Z0-047 which if you passed you received the OCE-SQL (Oracle Certified Database SQL Expert) certification.  The "expert" exams are extremely difficult and Oracle decided it was not in scope with what they felt was traditional SQL roles so they changed the exam to OCA and made it less difficult.  But if you read the books I studied for the 047 exam you'll be fine, but remember to study the topics for YOUR exam (071) and read the documentation.

  • I am pursuing the same path- SQL (1Z0-071) + PL/SQL (1Z0-144) and just passed 071. I used OCA Oracle Database SQL Exam Guide(Exam 1Z0-071) by Steve O'Hearn and the official sql manual for references. The book is really good and helps a lot in every part of the preparation. There are  Self-tests and Two-minutes drill sections at the end of each chapter. Those drill are very helpful to refresh everything quickly just before the exam. I did the self-tests multiple times - before even reading the chapter, after reading the chapter but before doing any practice and after practicing. The Answers section includes complete explanation why the correct answers are correct and why the others are wrong. I recommend it for that exam.

    I know that the questions on the real exam are random from the pool and it was just my test, but there were a lot of questions involving review of very long statements. One thing I think helped me was that while studying I tried very different options for each join, function etc. to see how I can break them and in some of those long, complex queries I could immediately spot the wrong ones. Good luck and practice a lot!

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