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Planning Cloud (PBCS) Certification New Version and Practice Questions

Zagato Member Posts: 4

Hello All,

I have been preparing for the PBCS Certification exam 1z0-982 for a while now. Just today, I went online to register and I realized that there is a new version of the exam 1z0-1080. I compared the two versions topics thoroughly and I couldn't spot any differences except the addition of the Financial Reporting Studio. Also, I see that the new version 1z0-1080 has 63 questions as opposed to 80 questions in 1z0-982! Now I'm a bit indifferent about which version to register for. I have been preparing and practicing based on the 1z0-982 version. I understand that it's always better to go for the latest version but I'm not sure if this would be a good idea now. It seems like that version has just been released.

Has anyone taken the 1z0-1080 ? Do you know a reliable website to try and practice the new version questions?

I'd appreciate your help.


  • Ian Hayman - Accenture
    Ian Hayman - Accenture Member Posts: 1
    edited February 2020


    Have you taken the exam yet? And if so, how did you get on? I don't know of anyone who has taken it!

    I have taken the 1Z0-1080 exam (and failed by 3 or 4 questions), I'm planning to re-sit soon.

    I have also passed the 1Z0-982 exam a couple of years ago.

    There are some questions that have carried forward from the old exam to the new exam - about 50% of them at a guess.

    The new questions seem to be based on the ULS learning material here:

    From the post-exam analysis I got - which tells you which topics you need to brush up on - I recognised content here that related directly to the questions I remembered from the exam.

    Unfortunately I don't know of any web site that has practice questions for the new exam.

    Hope that this helps


  • Zagato
    Zagato Member Posts: 4
    edited May 2020


    I passed the 1Z0-1080 last November. Surprisingly, it retires this week (31 May 2020)!! They introduced the 1Z0-1080-20 which covers exactly the same topics. I'm wondering what's the point of retiring a certification which was only introduced last year.

    I see that the 1Z0-533 Hyperion Planning 11 (On-Prem) exam is still valid!!

    Will this will keep going every year?

  • L. Fernigrini
    L. Fernigrini Data Engineer Sr Consultant Member Posts: 3,512 Bronze Crown
    edited May 2020

    AFAIK, cloud certification are valid for a 18 months period since you get them, and they are renewed yearly. Since the products change / evolve continously that seems quite logic.

    Being retired means that you cannot take the exam anymore, but your certification will still be valid till April / May 2021 (18 months).


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