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Which is better cloud or on-premise certification for a DBA?

User_LI9RB Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon


I have been working as Oracle DBA for 3 years and now I want to earn an oracle Certification.

Even if the on-premise Database work could be very nice and satisfying, I have to look at where Database market is going: the Cloud.

In this moment I have not seen lots of Oracle Cloud environments and all firms I worked with (that are mainly Banks and Insurance companies) are very reluctant to migrate all their primary Databases to the cloud (maybe because of European GDPR laws - actually, this is what I heard).

But anyway, (reading online) seems that Cloud Era is going to start and all DBAs need to be prepared to this kind of "huge change".

So, I would like to know your opinion about which could be the best study-time investment: cloud or on-premise?

A DBA needs to spend lots of time preparing an OCP on-premise certification (1Z0-071, 1Z0-062 and 1Z0-063), but is it still useful? Is is woth it to spend this time?




  • BluShadow
    BluShadow Member, Moderator Posts: 40,875 Red Diamond
    edited January 2020

    *** Moderator Note: Question moved to the Certification Community.  Whilst the "Getting Started" space is a great place to introduce yourself and learn about using the community platform, it's not the best place to ask product/certification type questions, for which there are dedicated spaces.

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