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Acclaim does not have any badge

user2389707user2389707 Posts: 2
edited February 19 in Tell Us Your Story!


I got an email from Oracle after clearing the cert exam and it had these instructions to get the digital badge:

It's probably standard and nothing special.

I created an account at and there is no badge there.

Should I wait for an email from  Acclaim?

Start using your new digital badge with these four steps:

  1. Create your account on Acclaim.
  2. Claim your new digital badge.
  3. Confirm.
  4. Click Share!



Best Answer

  • user2389707user2389707 Posts: 2
    edited February 16 Accepted Answer

    I just received an email from Acclaim.

    It appears to be a time delay in the integration between these two parties.

    I'm all set now.




  • jaramilljaramill Posts: 4,296 Gold Trophy
    edited February 19

    FYI - This sub-forum is for "Telling your story about your exam studying/taking and passing and/or receiving your certifications".  YourAcclaim is a 3rd party vendor and not affiliated with Oracle.

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