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Newb installing Server

SUNNYDUG Member Posts: 1
edited Apr 20, 2020 9:54AM in Social Groups

Hello All, just learning Oracle / Solaris and trying to install a bare metal T4-2. I've got a heavy IT background, a lot of windows and some Linux so this is somewhat new to me.

So I've fought my way to a solaris install from DVD and running into the latest issue - the install does not see the local disks I'm trying to install to. From the OBP I can see the disks running probe-scsi-all and they show as configured in cfgadm -al but when installing I get these errors and the installer can't find the disks -

solaris scsi: WARNING: /scsi_vhci/[email protected] (sd6):

logical unit not ready, resetting disk

I can also see them in the iLOM but they report as status not available because it wants the hardware management kit to be installed on the host OS I'm trying to install....

Anyway hoping to get some help since my brain is fried fighting with this on and off the last few days.